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truebeliever wrote:
Hope not refering to me GR!

Or else!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha...if so...if a wolf comes to my door dressed as Red Riding hood it gets a baseball bat over the head...literally.

I have no time for games with 'alledged' Masons.

I actually dont believe he is.

He's just an idiot.

All forums contain aggro. End of story. It's part of the game.
You have your moments. But we know its because you missed your cup of coffee, or SOMETHING.

No. Not you.

And personally people who claim to be of Masonic background, haven't attacked anyone here. At lease I haven't seen it. There have been heated discussions. Those are different.

But I've had a couple of PM's eluding to my reasons here in CC, and my motives.

So I'm not christian. I'm not militant either, or giving in to some 'other side'.

As mentioned, I do not come from a Masonic background on any side, mother or father. And definitely nobody gives me a secret handshake.
That handshake thing has been spoken of through the decades so much, that any grade school kid can tell you he knows about it. Therefore I feel
that the 'handshake' thingy had to take a new turn. That new turn is not for us to know. Yes, they have their secrets. They are those that we don't know. Period.

Personally, in regards to a certain PM I received, someone posted themselves under another 'handle', but slipped up on something. I know who sent it.

Ya just gotta be a detective today.

Cheer up everyone. It's later than you think.
2000 actually began the Luciferian, 1000 Reich.
Alot, and I mean alot of changes are coming our way. We will need each other if it crosses a certain line. Otherwise, we will be forced to accept some social and economic structure as someone mentioned in a post.

Stay well, be true to your heart. If you have one.
Got Truth?
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