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Default Re: Predicting the future or a pinch of salt?

Mathematics and Philosophy are inextricably linked, the common question "If a tree falls and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" is a simple way of questioning with the Shroedinger Equation (Shroedinger's Cat). Is the outcome influenced by the observer?

When I was a child I pondered wether I see the colour blue, the same way you see the colour blue, or do I see the same colour that you would call red?

Being as a species we only process the information we need to survive, ie: Hear sounds withing a certain range or see light existing within a certain spectrum, who's to say that sounds don't have colours or colours don't make sounds?

There's a self proclaimed shamen called Terence McKenna who believes that in certain conditions, we can see the wiring behind the board........

As for your question regarding the ECU in a car or the data flight recorder on a plane, I believe yes, my phone, my car. My washing machine even broke down 3 weeks after I recieved a letter from the manufacturer asking if I wished to renew the warranty on it.

Our egg may be more fundamental than that. It is widely accepted that we do not use a vast proportion of our brains C80%, what does that 80% allow us to do? Telekenesis, see time as 3D (deja vu), remote view?

If you believe Darwinism, as a species, we develop a characteristic as we develop the need to develop a characteristic EG: We developed a mobile thumb as we started to use tools, following that logic, at some time in history, we used that 80%, or, we are more than we appear to be. For the record, I am not a Darwinist.
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