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Default Re: Silence is always Golden???????

Collective Minds Lost..

Do you think I'm crazy? Do you think your Crazy? Well, if you find yourself pondering that question, just keep in mind that there are truly crazed individuals out there WHO RUN THIS WORLD FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

So, you have no worries, The NWO GOVERNMENT, that is, all the players collectively who run it are a bunch of MORONS! The problem is the average everday folk who put up with there B.S. In the real world out here if I or you did one-tenth of what those scoundrels do everyday (lie, cheat, steal, murder, plot endlessly) I or you would be incarcerated, but why not them?

Answer: BECAUSE OUR COLLECTIVE MINDS HAVE BEEN NEUTRALIZED, (except mine, possibly yours, and others)not many though, they run pretty sophisticated operations too accomplish there goals for "Neutralization of the Mind" it's been endlessly written about, so next time you ponder WHY THE HELL THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS? Well, just say to yourself I'm NOT CRAZY!


REPEAT OFTEN as you like....
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