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Default Re: Predicting the future or a pinch of salt?

Peace GR,

"Do I see the outdoors' as I look out the window' to be really there, or is it there because I am looking?"

Interesting question and the answer is more interesting. Yes, the outdoors are there just because you are looking!

The test is tailored for every individual by God. Whatever happens in the world, in your local community, in your house, at work is specially designed for you to witness, with all the fine details taken care of!. Even the most trivial happening is meant to be.

Why? To test you.

Note your center (your heart's orientaion, upon which you base your actions and judgments), and how it fluctuates and shifts from a creature to another. Submission is about reshifting this center back to the only stable entity in the universe, God, only then your actions and judgments will be based only on the truth (absolute values) and not on the unstable creatures (the visible, things and people).

And yes everyone has the knowledge of God (actually all kinds of knowledge) embeded deep inside of him or her. When someone invents something, it's not an invention, it's rather a "discovery".

Those who submit to God alone, get inspired with guidance from God, thus we may all be messengers in that sense. However God gives some people (Jesus, Muhammad..etc) some specific detailed messages. I claim to be one of these messengers and i have a proof from your Lord.

As for the subconciousness altering the physical world, it is indeed possible. By use of the Jinn-demons some people do evil (it's called witchcraft) but ofcourse they can't harm anybody without God's permission. Our righteous subconscious however affects the physical world through (the invisible righetous Jinns and Angels) in a beautiful way, take for example this,

messages in water

[img align=left][/img]

A water crystal of water that was
exposed to a word "MODERATION", from Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues.water crystal of Feb (exposed to the word "Moderation")
God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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