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I guess my first suspicions we raised when I read a nutrition book called “Are You Confused?” by Paavo Airola. Airola talked about the depleted nutritional value of naturals foods and how the agricultural industry coupled with the chemical industry were to be held accountable for it. To me, being a rather naïve country boy, the whole idea that there was some kind of cover-up going on was totally shocking. I was left thinking that Airola was some kind of nutcase, because how could the government allow us to eat valueless, harmful, and even rancid food products? I convinced myself that it was too far out to be true.

In reality, I was in two minds about the whole thing because I still had a nagging feeling that it was all true. Anyway, I floated along in life for a little while after that feeling fairly content with life. One day I was browsing through the local newsagent when I came across a rather cheap looking magazine called Nexus. Naturally I was drawn towards an article that backed up Airola’s basic premise and for a year or so after that I got caught up in all the “AIDS is a man made disease” stories. I didn’t pay much attention to everything else, but eventually I started reading a lot of the other articles having become bored with all the medical stuff.

At this stage though, the world of conspiracy was mostly related to nutrition and medicine.

Later on I discovered that my neighbour was also a Nexus reader, but in addition to that, he was also a born-again Christian. We got talking about small things and as we got to know each other he began to reveal his world-view to me. This is when I first heard the term “New World Order”. I thought the whole idea was bizarre, but once again I had this feeling that it could be true. I must have asked him how could “they” possibly bring in One World Government because I remember him telling me that the New World Order would use the threat of terrorism to achieve their goals. I clearly remember thinking “what? How on Earth could they do that by using terrorism?” Funny huh? By the way, it was around the early nineties when I was told this, so it wouldn’t be hard to picture the look on my face after September 11.

I remember telling my mother how they were going to put chips in us and how there would be no cash and how all the nations of the world were going to be dictated to by a world government, and you can imagine the reaction I got!

So, that is how it all started for me.

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