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Default Re: Predicting the future or a pinch of salt?

Salaamun 'Alaykum,

Actually Yeoshua i found the story about the water crystals on Mercola's website, but then i did a search and found this interview with the Japanese researcher.

Anyway, it is interseting to know that it means truth, justice and righteousness. I suppose the established master of Ma'at should be God then.

You always talk about perfect order and symmetry, this is exactly what the miracle of 19 (revealed in 1974) confirms, since it is God's signature in His universe and on all the scriptures (Quran is the only one though confirmed word by word).

I have a feeling that freemasorny might have origins in an ancient pre-Judaic era, since it focuses on God alone i believe. Also being exclusive to men, is not surprising since in Submission (the original creed of Abraham) men are the heads of the households who after due consultation with their families, they gather to reach a final unanimous decision.

As for the secrecy, maybe it's because of persecution that lead to this self-defense mechanism that lasted with freemasonry.

But still many things don't add up, like the uniforms (religion has nothing to do with uniforms i believe) and the focus on symbols (which in witchcraft is a form of clear idolworship, i.e: attributing powers to the creatures instead of the Creator). Also the issue of the obedience to the masters, it could be righteous indeed if these masters are chosen by the people and are humbly serving them after "due consultation" with every single one, maybe you can shed some light on these issues.

I believe that no religion today is free from Satan's injections, so there is a very good chance that some part of freemasonry is polluted with idolworship, that needs some research though.

Ahmad Nishitoba
God\'s alternative, USN

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