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Default Advertising Imagery: Either way its a Guy Thing

this wrote:
This has seemed to be a fairly obvious campaign. The colours used are usually red and black, the atmosphere is 'kick-ass', or 'raise some hell'. Their target audience is younger. Their slogan is "Grab life by the Horns", their mantra at the close of every commercial is "Kick-It!"

Decades ago Dodge decided to call it's truck Ram. They put a rams head with horns on the hood of the trucks. Now that sister nameplate Plymouth has disappeared, all Dodge vehicles wear the Ram logo. A car's grille is unique to a mark, Dodge has decided that whether on a minivan, car or truck that a simple cross with a goat's head on it is the way to go.

Closely associated with Dodge is Mopar, or Motor Parts. Their M logo looks similar to a devil's pitchfork or trident.
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