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Default Re: Song of Songs -- A Study in Divine Psycho-spiritual Sexuality & Union

Anastasis wrote:



On my steep descent declining unto Sharon,

there am I as the lovely violet Saffron.

Farther down in my Dale deeply sloping,

dwelleth there my Rose, as blooming and budding.


Amid all the thistles, there thou art a Lily:

there, O my Precious, amid every Lady.


A glistening apple tree amid the trees of the Wood,

there dwelleth my Lover amid every Lord.

To kneel there down beneath his very Shade, take I such a grand delight.

And his Fruit upon my palate to taste, say I, Oh! How simply exquisite!

Atop his Banquet Hall, thereto invoke me he doth.

And his Banner on Pole flying high me above,
the wording thereon, that spelleth true Love.

Feast me on those succulent Grapes till they both sundried Raisons be made!

From Pealing to Core, with thine Apple satiate!
Bycause for Love, am I starving, famished, and faint!

His Left Hand clincheth onto my Neck!

His Right Hand clutcheth onto my Back!

O ye Daughters of Hierusalem, do I insist on this!

by every Gazelle and Doe in the Field.
Neither arouse nor awaken my Lover his Will,
til he doth wax burning, yearning, and urgent!

I canst even now hear that rumbling resounding of my Love!

Even now canst imagine, invision him coming,
spring leaping into my Mountains!
swift dashing in between my Hills!

My Lover acteth the Gazelle, or a Buck of one year.

Gaze on him Ladies, he is over there now.

He standeth there outside these our thick Walls.

He peepeth here through Windows. He playeth voyeur for all.

He showeth this too, his vision so true;

to each and every one, our twain Lattice Portals through.

My Lover now evoketh his enchantment through song....


“Do thou ascend, my Love, of Splendour the one!”

“For all of eternity; and hitherto from,
“Do thou be with me, and do thou bycome!”

“For thou canst now clarvoyant behold,

so far in the past the Winter harsh cold.
No storm heavy weather! Be still and wax old!

“All Flowers of earth, do thou them see come!

And with song sounding mirth, be now in that Season!

“Both now and hence, each mourning Dove cooing!

O ye of all earth, that echo hark soothing!

“The fig tree as yet still in the early season,

beginneth its Opus of Fruit freshly budding.

“All through the Grapevine appeareth the Blossom.

The sweet Aroma thereof, through the Aethyr is wafting.

“Arise and Ascend, O precious one, and do thou bycome!

Come thou forth with me, O most splendourous one!


O Dove! Be thou of my Rock, there within the Cleft!

Be thou in the Covert of my Steep Precipice!

Let me see the Vision of this thy Great Presence!

Let me hark thy Voice intoning in resonance!

For thy still small Voice waxeth passionate ambiance,

and with such Beauty, the Aureole of Thy Countenance.

Do thou now seize each and every sly little Fox!

Snare them, entrap them in their very own Box!
For to this our Vineyard, they are the Pox!
And our Vineyard ever bloometh at Vernal Equinox!
Wow, Anastasis! This is really hot! Did you translate this yourself?

It is some of the most beautiful poetry I've ever read, and it is very erotic..

Looking forward to seeing more..
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