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Default Hey Thanks for the Invite, Gotta Go, Will Look Ya Up!

In my never ending search for truth and what people believe, and what they think, I find myself with nearby resources such as churches, libraries, colleges.

Well last week I was invited to visit a couple of churches:

A) A local Wesleyan Methodist Church
(which I know nothing about)


B) A tiny little charismatic church
(which I knew nothing about, but I'm learning)
the above mentioned (A) I'm still working on.

However, for those of you of whatever faith, society, religion, this might be of interest to you. It is not intended to offend. As mentioned, I do a little research dabbling.

check this out:

PS: if this is a repeat of someone's posting, pardon me. However, with so many postings since CC was started, I guess it is easy to overlook.

As I've mentioned in a couple of my postings,(BTW: and I might be hard to figure out as to which way I flow, so just humor me) I have concerns for innocent Christians who need to take a close look at things.

Got Truth?
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