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Default Re: I Have Question About Rise of China.

Is there a weather war being waged against China?

What better way to nullify many of the gains made by trade and put the government on the defensive with it's own people than by an intentionally generated famine? Additionally, with the problems created by the falling dollar and the likelihood of a cutback in the burgeoning new industries that trade with the US had made possible, there was already a class of disgruntled craftsmen, manufacturers and entrepreneurs ready to vent their frustration over the loss of their newly found affluence.

The focus of China's government will have to be turned inward to solve it's own internal food and potable water problems, which makes it less likely that any serious saber-rattling will be coming from that quarter. However, when you stop to consider that the NEW China is just the old communist China with a huge trade surplus of soon-to-be worthless American dollars and a worrisome over-population problem, it is possible that they will use famine to solve what forced abortion could not. With a million plus military, it wouldn't be hard to put down any food riots.

However this plays out, it would appear that China is being set up for some serious chaos. Considering that the architects of the New World Order thrive on and are masters of chaos, out of which they bring their own Order, it is no wonder that most of the planet is now in chaos, whether it be financial, war related or natural (?) disaster.

At this point in time, only Russia seems to be relatively problem free and financially secure. A mutual defense treaty with Iran could change that and finally throw the whole world into chaos.
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