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Default Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.

This is intended as just food for thought.

For well over a year, more like two, we have lived under the fear of another 9/11 here on American soil to usher in Martial Law. While they had us looking in that direction, the roof fell in when the housing bubble burst which has thrown us into a financial panic that is one of the causes one of Bush's Executive Orders said could be used to initiate Martial Law. The worst of that scenario is yet to come; right now they are scrambling to make sure the "big boys" don't lose their shirts and that the "little guys" have to bear the brunt of their avarice.. There is one more shoe left to drop, the credit card debt bomb. The American economy will come down like the Twin Towers with this one.

During this same period of time, many of us have been virtually holding our breath in fear of a nuclear (or otherwise) strike on Iran and all that will entail. The administration has kept the fear level high by intimating that the attack could come any time; the Fifth Fleet moves offshore in the Persian Gulf, Bush "surges" while Israel bombs empty buildings (?) in Syria in a mock run at Iran. All the while lots of rhetoric and bombastic propaganda to keep this country's nerves on edge.

What both these scenarios amount to is "terror on the cheap." We are kept terrorized and distracted while the money keeps being bilked out of Congress and charged to our grandchildren for Bush's wars and the repressive laws keep flowing from Capital Hill that result in a state of Martial Law existing without it ever having to be declared..

Our police departments, sheriff's departments, highway patrol, etc., have received Blackwater military training and Homeland Security weapons which they are using against us, resulting in many civilian deaths, over 200 just from tasers alone. You've read the horror stories.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights is in shreds, no habeas corpus, but still we wait for the "boss" to declare Martial Law! What will be the difference? THIS IS CALLED GRADUALISM, the "boiling of the frog." Put a frog in a pot of cold water and gradually turn up the heat; by the time the frog realizes what is happening, it is too late. The heat has weakened him so that he cannot jump out and then they clamp down the lid. This is exactly what is happening today. We're waiting for some definitive action on the part of the government before we act to protect ourselves.

Do you have someplace to go to get out of the cities? Is there canned food for up to a year and a clean water source? From one week to the next the grocer's shelves could empty, causing panic and the start of roving gangs that don't want your worthless money, they will be looking for food. Do you have a baseball bat, a pitchfork, a gun (preferably unregistered0, or better yet, a shotgun and lots of ammo, with which to protect yourself and your family?

From past experience, if you call 911 you will be put on hold or get a busy signal. Do you know your neighbors? What will they do in a time of crisis? Are they awake and aware of what is going on?

The day after Thanksgiving, American shoppers went ballistic and finished maxing out their credit cards in preparation for Christmas, buying poisoned toys and cheap knock-offs from China. Didn't our glorious leader tell us last time there was a danger of recession to GO SHOPPING? Most of those maxed-out cards carry an interest rate of 29+% and the bills come due in 30 days.

Will the American gulags built by KBR and paid for by our tax dollars become debtor prisons where Big Pharma slowly pays on your debts while you and your children are used as lab rats? Besides water-boarding, what do you think has been going on at Gitmo and other secret sites all these years? Free lab rats!!! The military will know first hand what works and be the best customers of Big Pharma. Sweet.

There's more, so much more, but most will not listen. Like I said, this is just food for thought.
I hate it when they say, "He gave his life for his country." Nobody gives their life for anything. We steal the lives of these kids. We take it away from them. They don't die for the honor and glory of their country. We kill them."-- Admiral Gene LaRocque
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