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Default Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.

Next False Flag Attack on The Homeland - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Barbara, I couldn’t agree more w/ everything you said. We are in the “boiler” already. I have read some of the articles going around & listened to the Alex Jones’ Internet radio show ( Alex Jones – GCN Radio – need Real Player) which plays his daily show all day long around the clock & also during the weekend. He has had some very interesting guests including recently Ron Paul himself. Another guest, Alan Watt - – he has also daily radio shows in Media Player MP3 – look for ***LISTEN / DOWNLOAD for the links. There seems to be some new information corroborated by 1 of Alex Jones’ guest & 2 personal military contacts of his guest & they claim that by this time next year the US is going to be in an unrecognizable state because they claim, the shadowgov is up to something. As if something big is going to happen in the coming year.

From the Zionist Protocols perspective, the debasing of the US is already underway. The fact that bringing down our economy & super power status (which I read about at least 5 years ago) was a prerequisite for World Gov (WG) is already on its way. Also the weakening of our military which was also called for, its already underway. See how now Black-Water is emerging as a privatized & shadow military w/ airports, aircraft, & the whole 9 yards. All of the financial systems are collapsing one after another. The Credit market is next. I think that in order to guarantee its demise, as a working system, they are puncturing its infrastructure at multiple points. That’s already underway. Have you noticed how our highways are not being maintained as they used to?

How it is going to happen, I am sure they have multiple plans, & perhaps the plan might be to have multiple grand failures at the same time as to guarantee both chaos & a good excuse for needing the military & thus be able declare martial law. And not only chaos but our system might come onto a screeching halt. I know that our men & women in uniform know how to defend us from a foreign enemy, but have they ever been trained, or do they know how to & have the intuition that is needed to be able to identify & fight an enemy that is not outside, but inside. Obviously we are not their enemy, but we are their prey.

I read the article that made a great analysis on the recent episode in where 6 nukes were erroneously mounted on a B-52 & it was advertised to the nation as somewhat of a big mistake. But if you read the article you’d realize it was a very-high level operation gone wrong & so, people got killed, people got punished, people were suspended, & people were moved & spread over to other locations across the nation – damage control. Remember how in 911 nobody go fired or reprimanded & everyone got promoted, but here everyone was castigated one way or another. So what does that tell us, but 1 operation went well, everyone got promoted, & the other went bad, & so each got the punishment they deserved for their inability to obey orders. Well, as far as I know, & according to the article, there is still 1 missing nuke. And they have plenty of them in their bases all over Europe & in the Gulf, & so where is this one going for? What is the plan for that one? Who is in command of our dirt-black-ops?

Its going to take a miracle for everything to go as if nothing bad was ever going to happen, & I hope & pray that nothing bad happens, & that the real perpetrators are stopped, removed from their offices, arrested, & treated w/ their same laws, & given their respective due punishments. But everything seems to indicate otherwise. However, if the right people that are in positions of power, that have the ability to do what is necessary & required of them, & in the moment that is required, do the right thing, then we could all go back to normal & try & salvage the rest of our country, the Republic, & the Constitution that allowed it to be once a nation where people could work, be prosperous & dream of a future where their kids could do the same.

The good news is that “we The People” can still salvage it. And those that have been doing bad & repent & start doing good instead will be forgiven, not only by us, but by their Creator.

I’ll come back w/ more later.

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