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Default Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.

Next False Flag Attack on The Homeland - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Yeah, I always thought that a biological weapon w/ the capacity to wipe out a large number & in a short period of time & that can also become benign after a period of time would definitely leave the rest of the infrastructure intact. The buildings, roads, bridges, etc. Everything already built for their enjoyment & pleasure. Then, they can literally own the world. All of the land & the oceans. It really is a breath taking scene when seen from above. I think the station up there is definitely & literally an eye in sky. It must be also some kind of a control center for satellite communications, weather monitoring (& control). Yeah, to them we are definitely expendable. That’s why, unfortunately for the young & naive men & women, there is only 1 kind of soldier, an alive one. If you get injured you are no good to them. They loose their pay, their benefits, their standing, it’s a complete career disaster from then on.

I think that what Alex Jones was talking about was definitely about eugenics & wiping out anywhere from about 2 / 3 to 80 percent of the population, w/ it leaning more towards the 80 percent point. This is what 1 of his guests & their military contacts were saying. This also agrees w/ some of the predictions of the end times.

Your angle about the black-mailing is a good one. Very possible too. I hope it is on the hands of a military faction that wants Freedom.

There is another theory going out there about the fact that “they” might have pulled the plug on the current scheme, & that jr. (bush jr.) is going to begin to loose power instead of gaining more, & so that “they” are going to temporarily change things to give us the “illusion” that everything is going back to normal.

I know that there is a grand purpose & far more of a spiritual reason why we are alive, so looking forward to death might not be necessarily good thing to wish for, but I am not afraid of what happens after death. What happens here is got to be worse. I believe that we do continue to exist no matter what, we go into a different dimension, our consciousness continues, & then we go onto whatever the next step is in our individual & personal soul evolution.

I understand about the roles each one of us plays, the resistance that we have to encounter in order to progress spiritually, & how good & bad creates that resistance. However, what I can not understand is how is it that any one of these sinister evil demonic monsters can have a chance at spiritual growth. They are nothing but followers, students, & disciples of demons & fallen angels, if there is any truth in that.

The fact that this is a Maya or illusion is no doubt. I think there was a recent movie, now on DVD, called “The Fountain”. There they do a great job at portraying the astral & showing how there, there is all of the knowledge & wisdom you can possible absorb. On rare occasions I have awaken hearing an amazing musical composition, definitely coming from another world, & then I try to see if I can play a small portion of it on the guitar, & by the time that I do, it is really amazing how the notes play in a progression I would have never figured on my own. One other time I woke up talking a completely different language that I understood perfectly until the time that I finally woke up & then the whole thing was gone. I have also consciously set myself in a trance & astral traveled & had the most amazing experience. So, I know there is more to this “illusion”. There are other “illusions” as well, & some that are a hell of a lot more exciting that this one, a lot more intelligent, & a lot more real than this one. Some times I comfort myself by assuming this is just a bad dream that I am having & that 1day I will wake up in my real world & have everything that I need, & everything that I could possibly want to have a full life.

Then there is David Wilcock, a modern seer, I don’t know if you are familiar w/ him & his works, but he keeps saying that none of that is going to happen or materialize. That this is obviously what “they” would like to happen, but that it is not going to happen. Now the Sun have just had a polar shift in February of 2001, & that on 2012 (11 years later) the Sun is going to undergo another polar-shift (it happens every 11 years for the Sun) except this time the “Earth” is going to have one too, along w/ a “magnetic field reversal” which some think it will cause for the magnetic field of the earth to momentarily collapse during the transition. Now this only happens once every many thousands of years. The bad news is that supposedly the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from both Solar & Cosmic Radiation, & during the transition we might be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation & perhaps a lot of life on the earth is going to be lost. I understand that in a transformer this only happens of you stop the current flow, the magnetic field does collapse. However for the Earth, although mainstream science doesn’t talk about this, the Metaphysicians do claim & w/ reason, that because of the universal “ether” that is present across the universe at all times, & feeds all living, organic, & inorganic manifestations of matter, & even Spirit, the Earth’s energy really comes from there, the “Ether”. So even if the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, I don’t think that the field is going to collapse entirely. It will be affected, & it is going to change, but I don’t think it is going to momentarily disappear. However, David Wilcock does talk about the End of the Mayan Calendar & the “ascension” or “rapture” & that because of the alignment of the Earth w/ its galactic center & an “energy wave” that has been traveling across the universe that is going to coincide w/ this event, that the Earth is going to (scientifically speaking) experience a “dimensional shift” from 3rd dimension & into a 4th dimension. What this implies is that we are going to experience, the majority of humanity, a “dimensional transport” (as in beam-me-up-Scotty) from “space-time” into “time-space”. What this means for us, is that we will now be experiencing a “reality”, or a new “Maya” more like when we “dream” or even “astral travel” & we can do things we could only imagine. If this makes any sense to you & you want to see this information, there are 4 Google videos, 3 hours long total, where David explains all of this.

Now the fact that something big is going to happen to the Earth & her inhabitants in 2012 might be a good reason why all of the sudden getting a hold of all of the natural resources, all of the gold, all of the wealth, & real estate has become number 1 priority in the “global agenda”, while there is complete disregard w/ the ecology, the oceans, rain forests, & the health of the Earth in general. They are grabbing everything they can before & so that those that will remain here, because some of these monsters will indeed stay behind, can fight against each other for ownership & control of the planet. A fight they have been fighting from day one.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”
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