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Default Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.

Barbara, I have know about David Wilcock for about 10 years or so. He now does presentations w/ Richard C. Hoagland, the guy how first made a point to the world about the “Face on Mars” & “The Martian Monuments” ( I believe he also relates to Michael Tsarion & Jordan Maxwell, which are both in the movie show below, “Metaphysia” , coming up. I can’t wait to see that. David is really smart. Read his biography, I think posted on his site below. He was reading Metaphysics since he was about 7 I believe, probably experiencing the paranormal from even before that. At some point later in his life he ran into someone who was very familiar w/ “Edgar Cayce” & he claimed that David looked very much like Cayce. Later on they concluded that David might be a reincarnation of Cayce. There are a lot of similarities in their perspectives, & in an attempt to verify & convince himself that this was in fact true, David generated astrological charts of both Cayce & himself & the similarities were statistically impossible to have been a coincidence. He also co-authored (I believe) a book about their similarities (w/ Cayce) & the possibility of him being a reincarnation of Cayce.

When I first learned about Michael Tsarion, from a link on this site, & a post by someone trying to understand what the hell was Tsarion talking about, on his 2012 Google video, I saw it a couple of times, took some notes & deciphered what I thought his message was. After that I was hooked on Michael Tsarion. I saw every Internet video I could possibly find & learned a lot about his NWO “symbology” sessions. Another guy which is also mind blowing is “Mitchell Gibson”, a practicing Buddhist black American that became a psychiatrist, & during his internship had some amazing visions of dead people waking away from their bodies & onto their next place in their journey. After that, he try to turn that off, & so that he could concentrate on finishing his professional internship. Then later, he went back & started studying about real healing from “curanderos” (shamans, healers) from around the world & he discovered things, methods, & knowledge that is not known or used by the mainstream medical establishment, but is accessible to anyone that is willing to endure the learning & practicing of such knowledge that belongs to humankind. I’ll post all of his links sometime later.

Anyhow, since I don’t like to post material that is not directly related to a thread’s topic, I created another thread where we can expand on this subject...

Modern Metaphysical Concepts & The Paranormal
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