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Default Re: Modern Metaphysical Concepts & The Paranormal

Tetrahedron Chair - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Some of the methods that you mention do have parallels in other disciplines, such as torture & brainwashing, which apparently come hand in hand when creating Manchurian candidates or “agents” from a very early age. Also very similar to what “Cathy O'Brien” underwent. I suspect she needed some of the techniques you mentioned in order to get deprogrammed. I am sure that L. Ron Hubbard had his very unique insights, but yes, all of these things seem to overlap. They are definitely different angles into the same realm, so we are going to find the same things & reach the same conclusions. Also, it seems as though the control masters have been into mind control for some thousands of years. We just recently perfected some of the techniques. But people like “Michael Tsarion” claim that the people from Atlantis had a lot of sophistication in their science & technology. Advances that were lost after they got wiped out by the great flood some 50,000 years ago.

The Origins Of Evil - Michael Tsarion - gG Video

The Destruction Of Atlantis - Michael Tsarion - gG Video

Buddhist Monks seem to have a different approach, plus they have some sacred knowledge that they pass down to their disciples & some of them achieve incredible things. They know of sacred words & mantras that vibrate or resonate at certain frequencies which allow for their DNA to get activated & unfold, & so they can tap into other sources of knowledge, & experience other worlds.

Check this article out. And this is nothing compared to some other stuff they can do...

Tibetan Sound Levitation Of Large Stones

I thought one of other very interesting stories that David Wilcock talks about in his 4 videos was about the time-travel machine they built by connecting the “traveler” up to a chair (Tetrahedron Chair) they obtained I think from a downed UFO, & by hooking them up via wires & electrodes to their brain that were monitoring some 22 special base (fundamental) frequencies from their brain. Someone made the point that there are also 22 main chromosome pairs in our DNA, & that there might be a correlation there. Then after the “traveler” would go into a deep meditation (or trance state) a technician would tune some magnetic fields they had going around this chair to the “traveler’s” brain when they had attained some “zero point” level on their brain frequencies. And this technology was a direct result from the Philadelphia Experiment, of which Nikola Tesla was one of the main contributors.

Montauk Project - Dunkin Cameron - Tetrahedron Chair – Dunkin was the one who could run the chair the best & knew how to calibrate & thus zero out all of the 22 frequency waves - sort of like "tunning" the chair to the person's natural brain resonance while in their “quiet point”.

Project Camelot - Interviews David Wilcock – P2 – gG Video ***

The interesting thing to note here is that the real monks & the real yogis do not need the Tetrahedron Chair to get there. And the “cost savings” ???

I have more information in my notes. This is just a glimpse into it.

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