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Default Re: Modern Metaphysical Concepts & The Paranormal

Jimbo, it occurs to me that, for the purposes of this thread, we might be better off to have fewer links in each post, leaving room for discussion of the material from the one or two sources.

A huge amount of information doesn't follow that the information is understood. You could have a mountain of boxes (links) full of information but because of it's size and logistics, the information goes undiscovered. It becomes overwhelming.

I seek understanding, perhaps that is why the era of books, the printed word in portable form, although slower and certainly more expensive, allowed for "digestion" of the material, whereas, with the advent of computers and the internet we have tons of information and flit from one site to another without actually integrating the content in order to come to a perhaps fuller understanding. It is not the quantity of sources, it is the quality of the information and the understanding we glean from it.

Let me give you a "for instance." I first learned of the Buddhist monks who could levitate stones from the book, "Cave of the Ancients." by T.Lobsang Rampa , written several decades ago. The author alone is worthy of an in-depth study; a white Englishman who suddenly began undergoing a physical and mental change to an olive skinned Tibetan who had esoteric knowledge that was simply unexplainable under our present-day paradigms. Who he was, who he came to be and his best explanation of why it happened is covered in his first book, "The Third Eye."

Also, the link has no information about the futuristic equipment the monks found in the cave that opened because of an earth tremor or why they were sealing the cave even though it was nearly inaccessible anyway. According to.Rampa, when the monks first scaled down the steep incline and entered the cave, they activated a device that turned on a three dimensional holograph machine that featured an individual of indeterminable ethnic origin who welcomed them and gave them a thumbnail sketch of who he was and how the machinery came to be in the cave. They were admonished that, if they were not able to determine on their own what the machinery was and how to operate it, they were to reseal the cave and wait for a later generation to rediscover it who would have that knowledge.

It is edifying to know that a method using sound exists to levitate huge stones; this might be a clue as to how the pyramids were constructed although in the lore surrounding that feat a clue was given by a statement that the "gods" used a device called "The Seal of Solomon" to accomplish a task that we today could not achieve with all our modern equipment. Whatever the Seal of Solomon was, it is stated that it "made the stones grow light," enabling the gods to guide them into place.

We simply do not have enough basic understanding to take in all the quantity of information available unless we break it down into bite-sized chunks in order to "digest" it. Much real knowledge will be lost otherwise.
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