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Default Re: Are They All a Bunch of Nazi's??

Svali was a head trainer in the illuminati till she quit. Her experience is very similar to yours. She talks about the torture and the strong nazi influence. Henri Makow has some articles about her on his website. I also heard she disappeared.

An interesting point is the leading positions nazi's got after ww2. The queen of the Netherlands married a nazi after ww2, who became later president of the World Wide Fund for Nature. He also founded the Bilderberg group. His name was Bernard.

Than there is Kurt Waltheim who is a good friend of our Californian nazi Schwarzenegger. Kurt Waltheim became president of the UN. There must be many more examples of this. When Kurt finally was catched probably because they wanted to get rid of him, guess who came to his defense? Yes, it was Simon Weisenthal, the famous zionist. Zionist and Nazis have always been good friends.
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