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Default Re: North American Union and the VChip

Barbara wrote:
Spoken by the truly craven coward that you are, DA. On behalf of "the people" for whom you dare to speak and of whom I am one, I say, "Sit down, shut up, you don't speak for me."

The word that describes me is Brave. I have demonstrated this repeatedly. Obviously, you are under the false assumption that the people have power. Obviously, unless you face the truth, which, you simply don't want to hear, that WE do not, you will never be set free.

So, I suggest you stop using that phrase as your motto, when, you, in fact, are not free.

I don't speak for anyone but myself. Wherever did you get the notion that I'm speaking for the people?

Have you ever thought about Anger Management Classes?

Sit down and shut-up, you say.

I think not!

You seek to disparage and discourage so that you will not be alone in your cowardice, but don't worry, we'll protect you and others like you, just get out of the way.

I seek to enlighten and inform and in no way, shape or form do I discourage by speaking the truth.

While you wait for someone inside the Illuminati to come forward and tell the truth, why don't you try holding your breath? You and your kind will always be waiting for something before taking any real action.

I'm not waiting for anyone inside the Illuminati to come forward. I suggest you read my comments closer, my dear. You are misinterpreting. Whatever real action you are referring to, I suggest YOU and YOUR KIND engage in the same.

Freedom WILL NOT "come upon us." The founders of this country WON freedom for us after sacrifices that are too numerous and painful to recount and we will have to WIN it again.

The founders of this country were rich white men looking for ways to avoid paying taxes and most of them were Freemasons.

To paraphrase Charlton Heston, "They can put a chip in me when my body is assuming room temperature."

Anger Management Classes, Babs! Will work wonders for you.
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