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Default Re: The war on gender

Wikipedia has a very good article on bisphenol A.

This a summary of recent research on the health effects of bisphenol A.

Dose (g/kg/day) Effects (measured in studies of laboratory animals) Study Year[19]
0.025 Permanent changes to genital tract 2005
0.025 Changes in breast tissue that predispose cells to hormones and carcinogens 2005
2 30% increase in prostate weight 1997
2.4 Signs of early puberty 2002
2.4 Decline in testicular testosterone 2004
2.5 Breast cells predisposed to cancer 2006
10 Prostate cells more sensitive to hormones and cancer 2006
10 Insulin resistance 2006
10 Decreased maternal behavior 2002
20 Damage to eggs and chromosomes 2003
25 Health Canada provisional human exposure limit 1999
30 Hyperactivity 2004
30 Reversal of normal sex difference in brain structure 2001
50 U.S. human exposure limit 1998

Probably you can find the research mentioned on pubmed. I will have a look later. This table shows that the detrimental effects on health of laboratory animals occurs at levels which are below the exposure limit which is save according to the US goverment. Among the most interesting effects of bisphenol A on laboratory animals is the reversal of normal sex differences in the brain structure. This must sound like music in the ears of the freemasons. Other interesting effects are decreased maternal behaviour and hyperactivity. Is this the reason for the hyperactivity of some kids nowadays. I also have the impression that humans care less for their young than in the past. Another result of exposure to bisphenol A?

The Wikipedia article explains that bisphenol A is present in the feeding bottles of babies. In addition the coating of bottles with canned baby food is made of a substance containing bisphenol A. They measured the daily exposure of babies to bisphenol A due to these two sources. The exposure was about 10 ugr/kg. This is far above the level which is found to be toxic in lab animals. Is this the reason many human males are less males nowadays? Is the exposure to bisphenol A the reason for the high infertility rates in the us and europe?

Anyway, the conclusion is that plastics made of bisphenol A are probably very, very bad for our health. I am going to change all my plastic cooking stuff into wood, glas and metal. Will cost me only hundred dollars. I think its world while the expense.
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