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Default The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

Fluoride is an interesting molecule. The first time I read about it seriously was about volcanic eruptions in Iceland. A few hundred years ago some volcano erupted and emitted a large amount of fluoride. The effect on peoples health was enormous. People got black spots on their teeth and their bone structure was damaged.

In the second world war Hitler wanted to put fluoride in the water of the occupied countries in order to make people more docile. Thats why fluoride is also a component of many tranquilizers. In germany the addition of fluoride to the drinking water is considered unvoluntary medication. In most european countries no fluoride is added to the drinking water. In the Netherlands they give children fluoride pills instead. In the US almost all the drinking water contains fluoride. Its for maintaining good teeth says the goverment. This is bullshit, because in europe, were there is no fluoride in drinking water, peoples teeth are as healthy as in the US.

The real reason to add fluoride to the drinking water is reducing peoples IQ and to make them more docile.

Fluoride accumulates in calcified tissues. One of these tissues is in your brain. In brittain they found very high levels in this tissue in dead people. Some people say that that exposure to fluoride is linked to Alzheimers disease. Some time ago they did an interesting experiment in some US town. Half of the town got fluoride in the water. The other half got normal unpoisend water. They found that woman in the side of the town with fluoride in the water got their period earlier. Probably this has something to do with the organ in the brain in which fluoride accumulates.

Anyway, I am not drinking the tapwater in the US. I buy water in bottles. Than ofcourse you have the problem of all the chemicals leaking into the water from the plastic. The question is than, what is more toxic to your body, fluoride or bisphenol A. The illuminati leave us no choice. We will be poisoned either way.

Enjoy drinking your water and think about if you still can.

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