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Default Re: Hitler Printing His Own Money

eddie wrote:
in the back of my mind i knew what you were really asking.

During World War II, Hitler forced skilled slave laborers in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp outside Berlin to produce fiendishly accurate copies of British 20- and 50-pound sterling notes, and, toward the war's end, American $100 bills.

Billions in the phony sterling notes were circulated in the British Empire or paid to agents serving the Nazis abroad. Although some were eventually recovered from chests on the bottom of Austria's Lake Toplitz, where Hitler's minions sank them just before the Allied victory of 1945, many never were discovered. British bankers have acknowledged that the bogus sterling caused some trouble to the postwar British monetary system.
is this what you were after?
Excellent find Eddie! Thanks!

To be honest, I wasn't quite looking for this.. I was under the impression that Hitler had undertaken "legal" money coining operations at some point too, but the counterfeiting operations are very interesting as well..

thanks! :-P
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