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Default Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

Peter, if you would like, we can continue the discussion attempted on fluoride before we were so rudely interrupted.

There are some communities that are wising up and demanding that fluoride not be added to their water. If you manage to avoid it by drinking bottled water, you still have to use it to bathe and the skin is the largest organ of the body; fluoride, chlorine and who knows what else can enter your body through the pores.

Don't ever leave a tube of fluoride toothpaste where a toddler can gain access to it. There is enough fluoride in one tube of toothpaste to seriously harm a small child if they ingest it.

This is just one more instance where the big corporations found a way to make money off their waste material and "do us in" in the process.

Most people, including one of our posters, is unaware that FLUORINE that occurs naturally in soil is what we want to take into our bodies through the fruits and vegetables grown there. It DOES what the false claims for fluoride DO NOT and CANNOT do.

Years ago when the bright idea of putting fluoride in the drinking water was first "floated" (no pun intended), it was well known by some of us that fluoride was used as a tranquilizer for animals in circuses. Lawsuits were threatened against those who were putting this information out and, of course, big money had their way.


Another thread of interest would be about Aspertame and how "Rummy" (Donald Rumsfeld) became head of the FDA in order for Aspertame, which affects the brain and causes symptoms of many other diseases to manifest, to be marketed in this country.

Keep posting, Peter. Good threads make for good discussions.
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