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Default Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

Peter wrote:

On this website they site several studies from china which show that fluoride has a negative impact on the IQ of children. Naturally occuring fluoride is as bad as the fluoride which is dumped in the drinking water. In the chinese study the found negative effects on intelligence at levels comparable to what is added to the US drinking water supply.

Fluorin is just another name for fluoride and its as bad for your health. It really does not matter how you get your fluoride. Both natural or artifcially supplied fluoride is toxic.

In this article they talk about fluorin, which is the same as fluoride.

My mother fed me fluoride pills when I was young. It did not make me very docile however. I almost got kicked out of primary school. I wonder what effect these pills had on my intelligence. I guess I will never know.
Were the flouride pills given to your mother by her pediatrician?

I think some pediatricians practice this procedure.

The reason used is that babies need this since they don't drink water and, of course, we've all been conditioned to believe that FLORUIDE is necessary in the prevention of tooth decay.
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