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Default Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

Barbara said:

"Peter, if you would like, we can continue the discussion attempted on fluoride before we were so rudely interrupted."

Sorry, Babs, but this isn't YOUR private forum so there wasn't an interruption.

I would also add that if a question posed to you or a comment made on a thread is all it takes to throw off your discussion, you might want to work on your attention deficit disorder.

Barbara said:

"Most people, including one of our posters, is unaware that FLUORINE that occurs naturally in soil is what we want to take into our bodies through the fruits and vegetables grown there. It DOES what the false claims for fluoride DO NOT and CANNOT do."

Most people are aware that childhood vaccinations are mandated by state laws, except for one of the posters here.

FYI, the posters on this forum aren't YOUR posters, Babs.
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