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Default Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

It seems that fluorine and fluoride are the same than. I do not know BlueAngel why my mother gave me these fluoride pills. I have to ask her. Maybe it was a habit in the country I grew up. They do not put fluoride in the water, so they have to poison kids in a different way. I read they want to put fluoride in some foods now in europe. I also heard that you can buy baby water with fluoride at "Wall" mart. These masons like walls. The fluoride pills did not stop me from being the biggest pain in the ass for every teacher I encountered, my parents and friends. My father and my teachers warned me many times that I would not make it far in society if I did not shut up. Imaging what I would have been without fluoride pills. Ha, ha. I have to ask my mother how much fluoride she fet me.
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