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Default Re: The chemical war on your brain: fluoride

Part of a book from a dutch writer. He writes about fluoride. Ofcourse the book is not available anymore. The writer describes the same effects as I mentioned: making people docile and cancer.

There was a story prevalent in post war Holland that the Nazis had experimented with fluoridation because a secret research study had found that fluoride made people more docile and thus more accepting of dictatorship. A Mr. Perkins, an American, was alleged to have discovered right after the war that the I.G. Farben Company had discovered that this effect of fluoride was caused by damage to a particular part of the brain. This was the kind of bizarre story that never made it into the history books because no one could ever document it. The story may seem credible to some because fluoride is a component of many high strength tranquilizers. (p. 51-52) Although this story was never used in any of Dr. Moolenburgh's anti-fluoridation campaigns, it probably did a lot to sway public opinion against fluoridation.
A similar story was told by an eye witness who said that during the war he shipped fluoride to Russia and when he asked them what they were doing with it they said they fluoridated the water in POW camps to keep the prisoners calm. The same witness had lived in a part of Ireland where the water was fluoridated and it seemed to him that the children were quieter and more subdued under its influence. (p.57-58)

Indonesia used to be a colony of The Netherlands. There is a report that the Indonesian Government fluoridated a town in Papuan New Guinea (where the Indonesians are the unwelcome colonial rulers). No one got the Indonesian Government to admit that the reason was because it would make the population more docile, but in The Netherlands, this was presumed to be the likely reason, since the Papuans already had excellent teeth. (p. 67)

Dr. Moolenburgh relates the following incident that occurred in about 1971:

"One day, Henk, Emily and I visited Mr. Baardse, a flower-grower. We were cordially received and shown into one of his greenhouses. He kept pheasant chicks there: breeding pheasasnts was one of his hobbies. The little birds ran around underneath the plants in his greenhouse.

"Something creepy occurred there. He showed us his chicks and told us that when the mother pheasant had drunk fluoridated water before laying her eggs the chicks often showed birth defects: an extra toe, or a deformed beak, maybe. This did not occur when the mother had drunk only rainwater. Later, in the eighties, it would be Mahomed who would demonstrate that fluoride gives rise to breaks in the DNA-chain -- and that does spell birth defects, and cancer. Although we knew about the increasing number of children with Down's Syndrome in fluoridated cities, we did not yet understand, back in the seventies, what exactly fluoride did. But these chicks brought it home to us.

"This, however, was not the only thing Baardse would teach us. He put a non-fluoridated chick in our hands and it immediately fluttered away into the foliage. Then he put a fluoridated chick in our hands and that little bird just sat there looking round and did not flutter away.

"'Fluoridated chicks are born hand-tame. That is quite unheard of for a pheasant,' explained Baardse.

"For a brief moment that afternoon, a kind of surrealistic image touched our minds: a tame population with wry noses and an extra toe on one foot." (pp. 89-90).
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