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Thanks Ahmad, for that comprehensive answer.

I basically agree with all your observations, even though I'm not familiar with the Quran. I plan to read it very soon, actually.

"However this matter has always intrigued me, how could anybody put a price on "ideas"? if we consider a righteous book, any book that is sincerely meant by the author to educate others, why would that author demand money for that knowledge? no messenger has ever demanded a wage for his teachings. In this age, ideas are patented, and copyrighted, instead of being spread in a spirit of brotherhood!, why the secrecy and the monopoly of the "know how" ?"
I always had a problem with this too. If you have something to share that would benefit a fellow human being or a bigger group of people, how could you charge money to share that knowledge? That would be abusing the other person's need for that knowledge for your own benefit.

"But anyway, apart from the article that uses extensively the unauthorized laws of "Sharia", we should look at the matter in a more simple way,..."
Could you elaborate on this? Do you mean to say that the Islamic law "Sharia" is actually a false law? Are all Muslim countries where they have Sharia then subverted by the implementation of that law? How would a genuine Muslim (or as you say, "Submission")country's law look like?

"The main concept in "Submission" is "freedom", i agree with the writer on one thing, the corporate world has stolen the markets from the people along with their "free will"."
Yeah, this was the thing that got me started reading about the Murabitun and their economic agenda. I've realized since then that this "Sufi Order" is more like a proper sect with seriously shady motives and affiliations.

Their "order" has nothing to do with spiritual growth or esoteric knowledge other Sufi orders at least, claim to be their goal.

But the things they say about the NWO and the Jewish/British banking elite's grip on world politics and economics is spot on, that's why I got interested. I don't think they are completely off the mark though, it's just this economic agenda I was very suspicious towards.
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