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Default Hadith Or No Hadith? I think I Had It!

Ok. I can see your point.

In regards to Hadith, what do you think of this definition?

"Hadith = Prophetic Tradition

A hadith is a saying or narration of the Prophet's speech, deed, or approval or disapproval - whether spoken or tacit - about something. The hadiths have been learned by heart by the Muslims, later recorded, authenticated and handed down to us through the centuries.

Next to the revelation of the Quran is this the greatest 'miracle' of Islam, for which there is no equivalent anywhere:
Authentic traditions with chains of transmissions, critically and thoroughly examined by Muslim scholars and experts of hadith science, preserved and taught to the present day."
(<a href="">source</a>)

I can understand that you would have problems with the "Muslim scholars" and "experts of hadith" the above text refers to.
But in essence, a hadith is really any allegorical story as told by people close to the Prophet about the Prophet and what He said, and then orally narrated until it became a body of oral tradition. Much like the allegorical stories Jesus used to highlight a specific problem or dilemma. What's wrong with that?
I know there are problemmatic hadiths, socalled <a href="">"weak" hadiths</a> but it all seems like they're splitting hairs, really.

Also, some of the Sufi poetry and sayings and teaching stories I find very beautiful and inspiring. They really help me understand the message of the Quran. After all, they just put the words of the Quran in a different way, maybe in a more accessible way, easier to understand. Isn't that what YOU'RE doing? I think the way you answered "superstar" question for question was very inspiring. Isn't the way you expemplified every answer you gave a sort of allegory?
I mean, if hadiths and allegorical stories giving the text of the Quran a different light are so evil, should I really be listening to what you have to say, when you're actually using the same "trick"?
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