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Default The EU, a Monster

The EU, a monster
(excerpt from <a href="">THIS</a> article)

First, let me explain how the EU is actually governed - I will take the risk that you already know most of it. But there are some details that you may not yet be aware of. Secondly, I want to examine the underlying ideology behind the EU with which an attempt is made to justify its legality or legitimacy. Thirdly, I want to briefly touch upon the future, how long all of this will last, and what can be done against it.

First of all: how is the EU governed? Here one observation is very important. The EU is legally a hermaphrodite, actually an juridical monster that is very difficult to grasp. The EU is neither a confederation nor a Federal state. And it will not become either in the foreseeable future. This is where the problem starts. But I suspect that the EU was intentionally constructed in this way.

If I had to put it precisely I would say it was a democratically non-legitimated soviet government dictatorship since decisions are made in committees, councils and commissions. It is a bit embarrassing that my choice of words is reminiscent of a no longer existing system.

Why is the EU not a Federal state? A European Federal state would require a legislative assembly summoned by the people, a constitution, an elected European government and this would mean that a new sovereign power would then arise. Then we would have a European Federal state. But if this was the case, the French or English nuclear capabilities would naturally no longer exist. They would of course have to belong to the Federal state, the European government. They would have to be in charge. It is very unlikely that France could keep its seat in the permanent Security Council and its prerogatives as victorious power. This would also have to be Europeanised, of course.

The Germans are in favour of a Federal state. Whether this is right or wrong, practicable or not, is a very different question. Personally I don’t think it is feasible because a Federal state, a sovereign state, requires an electorate in Europe capable of communicating with one other, by means of a common language, too. It is a sad fact that nowadays in Germany far fewer students are learning French than in 1963, when the German-French Treaty was signed. This Federal state will never come into existence.

A confederation as De Gaulle and also Adenauer envisaged might be an alternative. But, this confederation would of course render the entire EU-Commission in Brussels as well as the entire bureaucracy with its 20,000 employees superfluous. The same goes for the enormous budget and the entire common agricultural policy. From the point of view of international law one would get an absolutely perfect solution if a confederation were formed. Then all the states would remain sovereign, working together as closely as possible, but as sovereign states.

However, neither this nor the other solution was chosen, but instead what I call the juridical monster was chosen. And in the end what we have is the situation today, a Europe that is not democratic but that is governed by councils, commissions and committees.


The "New European Soviet"
by Vilius Brazenas (excerpt from <a href="">THIS </a> article)

Many Americans, no doubt, tend to consider the Common Market and the EU as positive steps toward greater freedom. After all, it certainly is more convenient to have only one currency, the euro, when touring the continent. But whatever conveniences it may offer are offset by far more important concerns. Consider:

• Regulatory nightmare. British grocers have been arrested and fined for continuing to sell bananas and other produce by the pound instead of by the EU’s newly mandated metric weights. Similarly, the EU dictates on the shape and size of cucumbers, the consistency of marmalade, the texture and taste of chocolate, and thousands of other consumer items.

• Acquis communautaire. The EU already operates under the doctrine of acquis communautaire, which holds that all members must adopt EU law in its entirety, and further, that once the EU usurps the right to legislate in a new area, its authority in that area is guaranteed in perpetuity. Thus, power is guaranteed to flow in one direction — from the member states to the central government.

• Corpus juris. The corpus juris is the new legal code initiated by the Amsterdam Treaty that will, among other things, set up a European Public Prosecutor with over-riding criminal law jurisdiction throughout Europe. Habeas corpus, trial by jury and other important protections will be swept away.

• Unlimited migration. Signatory countries of the EU Schengen Agreement have given up their right to police their borders, thus allowing illegal aliens — including terrorists — to travel freely between countries. With Russia and other former Soviet states, along with Turkey, scheduled for membership, we will soon have millions of new migrants, including many Communists and militant Muslims migrating at will throughout Europe — much like what could happen to the U.S. if the FTAA is implemented.

• Economic control. With the establishment of the euro currency and the European Central Bank, the EU countries have lost control of their fiscal and monetary policy as well as their currencies.(Effectively ending any illusion of national sovereignity. The "central banks" rule, i.e. Rothschild&Co./Draken)

• Destroying agriculture. The EU’s Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) has taken control of nearly all agriculture and has nearly destroyed British agriculture.

• Power to tax. The EU already claims the authority to dictate indirect tax policies such as the VAT (value added tax) on clothes, food, public transport, fuel, construction, homes, etc. The Treaty of European Union declares that EU decisions to "impose pecuniary obligation on persons other than States shall be enforceable." That means direct taxes on individuals.

• Coercive military and police power. If the Eurocrats have their way, they will soon have European military and police forces to enforce their increasingly dictatorial edicts.

The architects of NAFTA and the FTAA openly cite the EU as the model for their proposed regional "common market" for the Western Hemisphere. For example, Mexican President Vicente Fox acknowledged on May 16, 2002: "Eventually, our long-range objective is to establish … an ensemble of connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union." At the time Fox was referring specifically to the three NAFTA countries (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico); the proposed FTAA would further develop the "ensemble of connections" while extending them throughout the Americas.

President Bush, President Fox and the "new world order" Power Elite at the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Council of the Americas have all adopted the deceptive terminology of the EU — "integration," "harmonization," "convergence" (all Marxist-Leninist doublespeak terms developed by the Kreml strategists to make Europe think the Russians are going to adjust themselves to the EU when in fact the EU is going to be hoodwinked to adjust to the Russians./Draken)— to describe their "American project." They have adopted an aggressive schedule, intending to do in a few years what it has taken the eurocrats decades to accomplish.

We can and must stop this treasonous plan — or Mr. Gorbachev and his ilk will soon be able to gloat about the "new American Soviet."

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