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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Peter wrote:
redrat11 wrote:
I think the Flouride has damaged your braincells, WINGNUTTV has been debunked for at least two years now, they are ZIO-SHILLS like yourself and BA, and yes Alex and Rense too, At least several hundred others bud, you need alot of RESEARCH to catch up on things STEIN. Read this I'm sure it will make your eyes pop..LOL
There is lots of good info on this site. Jews are indeed at the core of the NWO conspiracy, but its not just jews. The Rothschilds are the leaders of pack and they are jewish. This does not mean that they care about jewish people. See what they did in ww2. They killed an untold number of their own. Hitler also was part jewish. Conclusion: the illuminist jews really do not care about being jewish or not. Jewishness is irrelvant to them and to the New World Order conspiracy. So stop blaming only the jews and go to the next level. Blaming only the jews is very beneficial for them by the way. Thanks for furthering their agenda.
The top tier of the Illuminati, Rothschilds, etc. are Jewish. Zionist Jews.

I'm not quite sure about the rest of the 12 Illuminati families.

They are considered the bloodline families, whether Jewish or not.

The wealthiest. The elitists.

The ZIONIST JEWS want to control the world, which, in part, they do at present, using hundreds of thousands of operatives whether jewish or not.

Jews who are not of bloodline; who are not Zionists are considered expendable and millions were exterminated (thinning of the pack) in WWII in order to create their homeland, which will be the NWO's base (if not already).

So, to this degree, jewishness is not important to them, but THEIR own bloodline ZIONIST jewishness is.

This extermination initiated a persecution of the Jews and, therefore, created a condemnation of anyone who might criticize a Zionist/Jew, or accuse this group of a conspiracy; rendering one's self an anti-semite.

This, of course, to allow Israel to act without check and the Zionist Jews in America to create the CFR.

I don't know how long we've known that Hitler was Jewish, but I mentioned this to someone about six years ago.

I said, Hitler was a Jew.

Hitler was one of them.

He was taken aback, although he does have a website that speaks about the politicians, etc. in America who aided Hitler, so I was taken aback that he didn't know this.

How long has this been knowledge?
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