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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Lets talk about Jeff Rense. Many people seem to like him and so did I. Know I know better. Jeff Rense is a typical disinformation agent and sales men. His show is also on GCN like his comrade Alex Jones, so he's also affiliated to Disney's ABC network. Jeff Rense worked before for ABC, so now he's back with his old employer.

Jeff Rense and UFOs.

Jeff Rense is big in promoting the alien origins of UFOs hysteria. It is well known that the illuminati are planning to organize a staged alien invasion to unite all humans under one world goverment. Ronald Reagan talked about this. He thought this would be the best way to unite people under world goverment. Jeff Rense is clearly serving the illuminati agenda by paying so much attention to the alien origin of UFOs theory. There is no evidence at all that aliens are on this planet. You can convince me that this is real by showing me one. I wish you good luck with that. If you want to show me an alien, I can give you my address.

Jeff Rense creates irrational panic about infectious diseases.

Jeff Rense's site show cases many articles about bird flue and other harmless diseases. There are also many other reports on his site about health threats, many of which are grossly exaggerated. Why would Jeff want to scare us? The reason The goal of this continious stream of panic reports about our health is to change us into hypochonders. Once you read these panic stories about threats to our health enough times, it changes your perception. You start being scared and pondering about your health. What can you do about it? Is there a solution to cancer and bird flue and every other health threat? Yes there is and it is advertised at the same website at How convenient. As a service to his readers there are many advertisments about alternative health products, most of which have not been proven to work. Thats how Jeff Rense makes his money, first turn us into hypochonders and than provide the solution for a lot of money.
Question: How much money does Jeff make from the advertisment of these New Age health products?


Jeff Rense is one of the biggest liars in the not so alternative media, together with his comrade Alex Jones.
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