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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

I refer to them as "scare tactics." Those designed to instill fear in the people. Fear creates anxiety.

Psychological operations such as JFK, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, 911, etc., etc.

The same MO.

Thus altering the psychological state of mind of the masses.

Yes, for purpose, but also for shock and awe and reinforcement of PTSD through the replaying of the videos over and over again.

The traumatic event stays etched in your mind creating PTSD to a certain degree.

Traumatized while hiding under our desks in elementary school awaiting an attack.

As you stated, the "scare tactics," or PROPAGANDA on several of the sites you mention are practiced on this site, as well, by several posters of which I have addressed in an earlier thread.

As far as the alien invasion, one would have to believe that the sightings of UFOs, which I believe are government owned, for many decades is a prerequisite, perhaps, for this agenda.

As I've stated, as well, show me an alien and I'll believe.

Don't know if you've been paying attention to scientists/astronauts who are assuring us that they've seen UFO's lately.

My response: Why are they to be believed as verification that ALIENS exist? Did they see an ET inside the UFO?

Citizens have been reporting UFO sightings for decades, but they're not credible?

One must be a scientist or astronaut.

So, we have to ask ourselves, why now?

Why all this reinforcement at this point in time to CONVINCE us that ALIENS exist.

Was Roswell a HOAX?

Creating disinformation around an event that they plan and execute is their MO and creating a mystery around an event that they may plan to use in the future is their MO as well.
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