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Default The true Religion of Christ II

The true Religion of Christ II

All religions set aside one day of the week as a holy day, a day of prayer, but they have not all chosen the same day: for the Christians it is Sunday, for Jews, Saturday, for Muslims, Friday, and so on. But is there any real difference between teh days of the week? No, none at all. Every day is sacred; every day is divine. Friday is the day for doing good; Saturday is the day for doing good. In the Universal White Brotherhood every day must be sacred. Otherwise just look what happens: for six days in a row men and women break the law, and on the seventh they go to church and wash away the crimes committed during the week. But you cannot purify yourself in just one day; you need the whole week for that. You believe that it is enough if you think of God one day in the week; the rest of the week you have no time to remember him because you are too busy fighting and swindling others and sleeping with their husbands or wives. But that is grotesque. It is hypocrisy, a living lie. What is important is how you live those six days of the week.

When the new religion comes the idea of devoting a few hours or a single day of the week to praying and going to church will be thought very inadequate. We must be in God's church all day and every day, for God's church is the whole of creation. Of course, I realize that we cannot ask too much of human beings; they are still too uncouth and intrctable - many think that even one day is too much. But in the new religion people will want to be mystical seven days a week; they will want to pray and think good thoughts seven days a week; they will want to pray and think good thoughts seven days a week, and then seven more days, and so on, for the rest of their lives. What do you do when you are here at the Bonfin? Here, every day is Sunday - or Saturday, or Friday if you prefer - and you spend every day in 'church'. 'What church?' you ask, 'I see no church.' The church can be the open-air, out of doors, for the whole of nature is a church. But first and foremost the church is an inner reality; it is within yourselves.

Remember what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well. She had said, 'Our ancestors worshipped on this mountain, but you say that the place where people must worship is in Jerusalem.' And Jesus replied, 'Women, believe me, the hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem... God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.' But as the time was not yet ripe for the masses to understand these things, Jesus prepared St John and instructed him in the basic philosophical, cabbalistic, esoteric knowledge, the symbolic foundation of these new concepts. This he did in secret, without the knowledge of the other disciples, and when the others found out about it they were inclined to be envious of St John; in fact, St Peter reproached Jesus for it one day. But Jesus wanted to be sure that before he left at least one of his disciples would be in possession of those parts of his teaching that had not been revealed to all. This is why he gave St John this special instruction. And St John founded a Church which was never really accepted or understood by the Church of St Peter.

Remember also what Jesus said at the very end when Peter, referring to St John, asked, 'Lord, what about him?' Jesus replied, 'If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you?' And the Gospel adds, 'So the rumour spread in the community that this disciple would not die.' What if St John were living even today in some unknown place. The Church of St John has formed an elite, an elite that has always worked in secret and been the depositary of this esoteric science throughout the ages. The religion os St John is the new religion that is to come, and however fiercely the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Churches fight it - as they have always fought and tried to wipe out the Church of St John - they will be no more successful now than they have been in the past.

All the purest and most knowledgeable initiates of the past have been disciples of St John, and those who belonged to the established Churches have always rejected and persecuted them and refused to acknowledge their superiority. But even though the Church of John has always been forced to live and work in secret, it has never ceased preparing the sons and daughters of God. The time is coming nor for it to manifest itself, and when it does so, its riches and its superiority will visible to the whole world. When that day comes, the Church of Peter will be forced, whether it likes it or not, to transform itself and introduce many reforms. Of course, there are some elite beings in the Church of Peter too, but as for the majority... well, it does not bear thinking of. Instead of applying themselves to learning and trying to become better they have always been content to persecute those who were more advanced.

Do you imagine that over the centuries priests and bishops took Holy Orders for the love of God; because they had a true vocation? Not at all. They did so because it gave them a lucrative and highly respected position (an ideal position for the lazy). They did not have much to do after all - a few Masses and a few prayers to say, an occasional baptism, wedding, or funeral - and the rest of their time was their own. To be sure there were always some who had a genuine vocation and who felt called to dedicate themselves completely to the Lord, and the faithful flocked to such as these in the thousands because of the light that radicated from their souls and lit up their words, their eyes, their very presence. They were true temples of God. But for most of the clergy it was simply a very convenient profession. As a matter of fact, we see the same thing today in the medical profession. In the days of the ancient initiations, only those who had received the gift of healing from God could be doctors. They healed the sick simply by their presence, by speaking a few words or by the laying on of hands. But today people enter the medical profession because it is very lucrative and gives them considerable prestige and influence. The result is that many crooks who are interested only in mankind a lot of money are steadily poisoning the whole of mankind. No matter, they still pass themselves off as doctors. It is greed, the lust for money, that guides human beings. For many people the choice of a profession depends entirely on the rewards it offers in the way of money or glory. I have no desire to disparage doctors and priests or to interfere with them; I am simply telling you the truth.

The Church of St Peter has always been appallingly intolerant, chopping off heads or burning at the stake all those who refused to think or behave exactly according to the rules it laid down. The members of the Church of St John, on the other hand, have never cut off anyone's head; they have never thrown people into prison; they have always left men and women free to follow their bent while, for their part, they concentrated on trying to be closer to the Lord and to resemble God. And yet did Jesus not say, 'Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect?' This is the supreme ideal; and if some people choose a different ideal, that is their business.

The Catholic religion can boast of being universal if it likes. This may be how it sees itself, but it is not how initiates see it. The universal religion will be the religion of the sun, for only the sun is universal. You will say, 'But what about the Lord? Is God not universal?' Yes, of course he is. But God is so sublime, so inaccessible. People refuse to accept the religion of the sun on the pretext that only God must be adored and worshipped; but God is so far away that they are incapable of getting anywhere near him, and the result is that they are left with nothing. On the pretext that it is forbidden to adore anyone or anything but God, they have no feeling or understanding for anything at all. Is that intelligent? Why do they refuse to admit that only the sun is capable of bringing us closer to God, for only the sun can give us some idea of God's immensity, of his light, his love, and his power? By rejecting the sun, people condemn themselves to remain forever weak, forever immured in cold and darkness.

How peculiar human beings are. Theologians spend their time inventing abstract theories about the Deity. They argue and quarrel fiercely about essence, substance, transcendence, and so on, while the masses have not the least idea what any of these theories mean. But if you suggest that the sun can be an image that has the power to propel them all the way to the Deity... Oh no, that is just too much for them. Well, whether they like it or not, the religion of the future will be the religion of the sun, because it is the sun that most accurately represents the Blessed Trinity.

There is already one whole volume of my lectures about the sun (Vol. 10), and yet I have still not told you much. What horizons would be revealed to men if only they understood more about the sun. Take Jesus' command to love our enemies for example. How difficult it is to accept such an idea; to love one's friends, perhaps, but to love one's enemies? You will rarely find anyone - even a Christian - who has made up his mind to love his enemies. You cannot even be sure that he loves his friends, so how can he possibly love his enemies? Believe me, if you analyse yourselves sincerely, you will see that nothing is more difficult than to love one's enemies. One wonders where Jesus got this precept from. I will tell you: he got it from the sun. For whether you love the sun is the only being who has solved the problem; he even loves, nourishes, and vivifies unbelievers and criminals. Even if you forget all about the important role of the sun in the universe and look only at the moral aspect, the example he gives us is truly noble, truly sublime. Such a peerless example of limitless love is found only very rarely among human beings, even among those who are the most highly evolved. Jesus was one such example, of course. We know that he possessed all powers, authority over all things, for he said, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me, 'but he did not use that authority against his enemies. In fact, in the most bitter moments of his agony he thought of them and prayed for them, saying, 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.'

If you want to know what true morality is, you must learn from the sun; no one else can teach it. Human beings are always eager to tell you what you should do, but they are incapable of putting their own advice into practice; whereas the sun says nothing, his deeds speak for him. He never says, 'You must love your enemies.' He never even says, 'I love you.' No, but he goes on loving everyone all the time. Only the sun can teach us how to discover and respect the moral laws of the cosmos. Human beings make the great mistake of seeking the principles of morality in libraries, in books written by corrupt human beings. They should go and seek instruction from the sun.

Of course we cannot force our teaching or our way of life on anyone. Only very few are ready and anxious to transform themselves and their way of life, and if they have achieved this frame of mind it is because they have already suffered a great deal and have come to realize that if they do not change they will be struck off the roll of the living. The others cannot be forced, they are still too young. They still have many lessons to learn, and they need more experience. What can I do if they do not understand the importance of our spiritual activities: our meals together, the singing, the breathing exercices, the prayers, meditations, and fasting? If they neglect all these means that are put at their disposal and fail to understand how powerful they are, what do you expect me to do about it? I cannot force them; they have to be left to go their own way and learn through suffering. But a vast field of extraordinary activities is lying open before all those who are sincerely interested in making progress. The activities of a disciple are represented symbolically by the twelve labours of Hercules, which are related to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. These are the twelve activities which enable human beings to open their twelve gates and become the New Jerusalem, the city of light, where illness, death, and darkness are no more. The New Jerusalem is the human being who has attained perfection, one who possesses the twelve gates of pearl and whose ramparts are built on the foundations of twelve precious stones.

Believe me, it is the teaching of Christ that I am giving you. There is nothing, absolutely nothing in what I say that contradicts Christ's teaching. What I reveal to you may contradict some of the opinions expressed by certain writers. It may even contradict certain dogmas of the Church which are pure invention and have nothing to do with Christ's teaching, but it contains nothing that is incomatible with Christ's true philosophy. The great question now is whether you prefer the Scriptures, and particularly the Gospels, in which everything is so simple, or whether you prefer other sources in which that simplicity has been distorted. Until the fourth century Christians, followed the true philosophy of Christ. It was only later that all kinds of deviations appeared.

As was foretold by the Prophet Ezekiel, the changes that will take place in the future will be so great, the light and love of God will be so powerfully and so widely diffused throughout the world, that human beings will learn directly form God himself; they will understand the Scriptures and live a life of perfection; they will prophesy and see visions. When this day comes, mankind will no longer need priests or pastors - or even me. All men will be guided and enlightened directly by the divine spirit. This has been foretold, and it will come about. And all those bigots who hawk their holy medals and relics of the true cross of Jesus (after two thousand years, there must be enough of them to constitute a whole forest.)... all those bigots will be obliged to close shop because people will go directly to the source.

This was that Jesus had in mind when he told the Samaritan woman that men would worship God in spirit and in truth. In spirit and in truth: that is to say, free from matter and free from falsehood. When human beings live in spirit and truth they will no longer need all these crutches; they will be able to walk on their own strong legs. The reality that Jesus visualized was immense, grandiose. The people he saw around him were still very frail, vulnerable, and defenceless, and still dependent on material, external props, but the mankind he envisaged was strong enough to rely only on the inner power of the spirit.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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