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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

This is an excerpt from Henry Makow's latest article about the film MIST.

December 4, 2007

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I was early for “Across the Universe” so I caught the last 20 minutes of “The Mist,” a movie that I would not normally see.

In this film, a town is enveloped in fog and terrorized by fantastic monster crabs, a good metaphor for the Western World today. The movie focuses on about 50 average Americans who take refuge in a supermarket.

When I arrived, the refugees were fighting over the one thing that should unite them: God. They were divided between “believers” and “secularists.” The believers led by Christian fundamentalist Mrs. Carmody, played by Marcia Gay Harden, insisted the calamity was God's punishment for their sins. They must take their medicine. The “secularists” led by artist David Drayton, played by Thomas Jane, just wanted to escape.


The believers are portrayed as zombies. Clutching knives, they bar the escape route and threaten to kill all non-believers. The secularists are ready to reciprocate. Thus, with monsters on the doorstep, the people are tearing themselves apart.

Mrs. Carmody raves about how God requires blood. She brandishes her knife at Drayton's five-year-old son and demands "a blood sacrifice." You can see her character in this video clip.

Christians are definitely the bad guys: the monsters within our ranks. Were Jews or homosexuals portrayed in this light, it would be a "hate crime."

Most Americans probably would agree on God yet are being riven into warring camps. Most would accept that God is a moral force connected to spiritual ideals like goodness, truth, justice, beauty and love. Because we have souls, we are able to intuit and follow this moral order. This defines us as human and is the basis of any true civilization.

Whether secularists believe in "God" or not, who can deny they are also motivated by spiritual ideals? So the real issue is not whether these ideals exist, but how to achieve them.

But the monsters that control America (using the mass media) aren't giant crabs (except in spirit.) To protect their monopoly on government credit, the central bankers must divide, distract and destabilize the people. Thus we learn to fight over what really should unites us.

You don't need to see this depressing movie so I'll tell you what happens. A secularist shoots Mrs. Carmody in the forehead. The non-believers escape but many are consumed by the giant crabs in typical-horror-movie fashion.

Drayton, his son, a pretty teacher and an older couple are trapped in his SUV. Monster crabs the size of football fields are clomping around. Drayton has the gun but only four bullets are left. The group silently decides he should shoot them all. The child becomes a sacrifice to despair.

Then, the mist lifts and an army column arrives to rescue them. Drayton is in agony over his bad timing. He and the audience learn that, believer or not, life plays cruel tricks.

The ending feels false to me. They gave up too easily.


The following is a comment by Jeff Rense posted on Dr. Makow's site about his article and the movie MIST. Don't know if he is the Rense of which Peter speaks in this article:

Jeff Rense said (December 5, 2007): saw least the end.

I went and was shocked at the portrayals and
the OUTRAGEOUSLY unnecessary ending.
They are teaching people to kill and commit GIVE UP TOO EARLY, as you state.

Submission and suicide

...killing your own child when his life isn't
even in IMMEDIATE danger.

Something is UP with that film.

Mind control...conditioning?

Fortunately, there were only FIVE (5) total people
in the theater.

I could go on about this film but I haven't time.

The producer/directors are evil sobs in my view the very least.

Resistance and perseverance are mocked and
betrayed in this film...bad signs.


Seems to me that Rense's interpretation of Makow's article is somewhat off.

Makow said the ending seemed false to him. They gave up to early.

Rense says that as Henry states, they are teaching people to give up too early. To kill and commit suicide.

As far as I can tell, Makow didn't mention anything about teaching people to kill and commit suicide.
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