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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

“They are teaching people to kill and commit

from what I can see here, all that this rense guy said was that

"to GIVE UP TOO EARLY, as you state"

he did not say that Makow said "to kill and commit suicide"

rense said "They are teaching people to kill and commit suicide"

you are taking the two phrases within that sentence and implying what rense said that makow said

you are the one who does not seem to understand what rense said

makow never corrected rense, which he normally does if he disagrees with the writer

I think you are reading something into it that was not there

why would you do that

did you read the article?

it doesn't look like you read it at all. it more looks like your subconscious mind picked the phrases and put them together in your own mind. and then accuse this guy of saying something he never said

do you do this often? why? do you suffer from ADD?
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