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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

here we go again. you see you keep doing it.

if you read the article and understand what is being said and how it is being said, you’d realize that the statement from Alex Jones article

“Cossiga gained respect from opposition parties as one of a rare breed - an honest politician - and led the country for seven years until April 1992.”

is one that must have originated from “research” and not from Alex’s ass. I guarantee you that if you do your own research you’d find out that this guy was considered among his peers as “an honest” politician... not just Alex’s opinion. this is what journalists are supposed to do, do research and verify the information they print, this is part of the “editorial” process...

then you go on to say without any validity whatsoever

“It doesnt make much sense as most things Alex Jones keeps promoting.....”

Alex if obviously not promoting but providing journalistic research. a “journal” is a record

you might not like the truth, it might not make sense, since it most of the time doesn’t in these days run by decrepit liars that have nothing to offer but falsehoods, lies, and deceptions on a grand scale

but what Alex is doing here is providing us with a “record” a “journal” of facts he has researched

i bet you anything if you called in into his show and tried to talk to him about any subject you wouldn’t stand a chance to stay up in the air with him for more than 15 seconds before he would realize you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. you are just mumbling words that come straight out of you ass and not your brain (since you don't seem to be using it right)

obviously anyone who claims that Alex or even Rense are disinformation are the ones afraid of the truth and those are the ones that want to promote garbage based on just any personal crap that comes out of your ass/mouth

you never really think about what you are saying, since it is never truth,

you must be a disinformation agent, what else could you be. you talk lies, you distort everything you read on a sentence by sentence pattern, let alone the entire paragraph or the entire article, that would be impossible to expect

people like you are the ones who portray this image the conspiracies are false, that truth are lies, that lies are true, that your leaders are the answer to a beautiful world with terminator seeds, human surveillance microchips, cameras everywhere, and end up giving real truth seekers a bad name because people like you provide nothing but confused, unsupported nonsense and garbage to read

thank you for welcoming into your forum, I am without words...
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