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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

me9G7X5t1r2M wrote:
blueangel you keep doing this same think. you change everything around to fit what you want to hear. that is not what I said.

I'm not changing anything. I interpret prefectly.

you have a poor understanding of the english language. where were you born?

I have an excellent grasp of the English language.

just because a pie might look like the moon it doesn’t make the pie the moon.

Really? Gee, thanks for that tip.

just because someone is waving and the hand (which there are only so many logical and normal positionings of the hand at any one time) “might look like” one of your evil satanic hand signs doesn’t make it so. I am sorry, but you are way off base here.

I'm on base and you know it, that's why you're here.

you probably do not know much about math either and degrees of freedom

There is one degree of freedom.

the hand and its movements are very finite. there are only so many possibilities.

Yes, either a hand wave or a satanic one.

anyone can waver their hand and without any knowledge of what their hand is looking like, it might be interpreted by any lunatic as yourself as a satanic movement of the hand.

Why don't you ask RON PAUL why he waves in such a strange way that most of us don't realize as a normal gesture.

you are the one with the evil eyes and the evil ears and the evil in you, which takes us back to square one

I have angel eyes.

why are you so negative?

Couldn't be more positive.

what happened to you early on your childhood that you think everything is evil and you leave no room for goodness or any humanity?

Try reading the Mind Control within the Music Industry Thread, the MKULTRA/Project Monarch thread and you'll have a clue as to why I know who is evil and why I don't think everything and everyone is evil. I am surrounded by love and goodness.
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