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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

The "intelligence" men in my life when I was a child who WERE NOT pedophiles and a part of the "satanic cult" are my HEROS.

THEY are not evil.

THEY ARE all that is good.

THEY were my saviors.

THEY were my mentors.

They saved me from being "snuffed out," thrown from the train and an early death.

My husband of 25 years is the most BEAUTIFUL man on the face of this planet.

I left EVIL behind a very long time ago.

I am exposing that EVIL.

IT exists among us, but the love that surrounds and wraps around me everyday was blessed upon me by MEN with integrity, honesty and love of country.

By GOD and the refusal to worship SATAN!

I am an American patriot and an OPERATIVE for love of country.

If you find that to represent evil, I say you are the evil one.
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