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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

me9G7X5t1r2M wrote:
I donít like your answers. you are still a pathetic evader. you donít stick to the subject. you change it to fit your pathetic views and distorted reality.

I'm not trying to answer to your liking. I'm not pathetic or an evader. I am precise. You don't like that. My views are spot on and my reality is REALITY.

but what I do like is that there is a grain in you that thinks that Ron Paul might not be the evil monster you are telling everyone he is.

Telling everyone?? Everyone reads this site and my opinion is etched in stone? Didn't know I had such credentials. Thanks for verifying.

well, if that is the case, then donít you want to know if indeed you are misinterpreting him?

No. I know how to interpret. That's my speciality and I don't require assistance.

for godís sake. we are at the end of history here. if Ron Paul is not the man I want to know. but there is so much going for him. he is naturally so humane that I could not believe for one second that he is nothing but a front. there is nothing evil about this man. he doesnít have to fake anything because he is the real thing.

Yes, Ron Paul is the man and when he's placed in the White House all the evil doers, Banksters, rogue CIA, secret government will disappear. This one man will conquer all evil. Wake up. I think you're in OZ.

donít you want to be absolutely sure that he is indeed evil or not evil?

No. He won't be on the ballot.

donít you care to find out and know the truth?

Yes. Please present the evidence.
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