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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

me9G7X5t1r2M wrote:
misery attracts misery. the two of you deserve each other.

I'm not miserable, but you sure sound like an angry and miserable person.

you are both very narrow minded. you see one thing and one thing only.

More correct to say that I am very open minded and you are very close-minded.

only those you approve of (which are who) are Ok everyone else is illuminati, besides your credentials are none

I've talked about the fact that Ron Paul is most probably an occultist. So, how then do you come up with your statistic that I say EVERYONE is Illuminati?

neither of you know what an open mind means

It's open enough to know that your mind is closed.

what blueangel needs is some serious help, she has nothing to offer here but instigation and irritation

I love these couch psychologists who are in need of serious help themselves.

your last statement is a complete falsehood

ďAlex Jones and Jeff Rense in contrast just tell us how bad everything is, but they offer no solutions, except buying their gold and new age health products.Ē

Yes. Impending gloom and doom are what they speak.

that shows two things right off the bat, besides the fact that you obviously do not know what you are talking about, you do not know anything about truth and about searching for truth, and here you go again with your empty mantra bullshit, who the hell is going to believe that

Proclamations, proclamations.

go on and lick each otherís wounds, you are both pathetic, and neither of you stand for anything, including anything that would even barely resemble what truth is

Peter isn't licking my wounds and I'm not licking his wounds. We're having a conversation. Besides, I don't have any wounds that need licking.

you are both agents of disinformation and internet provocateurs, you have nothing good to offer

You wouldn't be here if I were an agent of disinformation. I have only GOOD to offer.
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