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Default Re: Why must I convert???

The Jews have done a lot with much less, but that does not make them superior in God's eyes. The Jews were favored by God to lead all of mankind to his worship. They have failed miserably in this mission. They have chose to do the opposite of what God wanted. Instead of leading man to God's worship they created a religion that they use to lead mankind to worship them. As I stated earlier, the first revelation in the Holy Quran is to read. Allah wants humanity to be educated. So if the Jews have this great knowledge then there obligation is to share it with humanity. Due to a small number of them in the leadership they refuse God's demand out of arrogance. So 666, the Holy Quran invites the Jews to return back to the worship of God. There are some Jews who have answered the call. but there is that siniter few who are set on enslaving mankind for their benefit.

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