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Default Re: The EU, a Monster

Good post Draken.

I don't really keep up with EU affairs in too much detail, but its growth I find rather unnerving. While the US misadministration prefers the violent path to globalism, The EU is adopting the Fabian approach, gradually eroding the sovereignty of individual nations and their citizens for some nebulous goal of a new Europe, whatever that means.

Farmers are losing their right to a decent income in the wake of a socialist agricultural policy, nations are losing or have lost sovereign control of their currency, and unrepresentative swill in myriad committees and sub-committees are drafting endless rules and regulations to impose on people who don't want that level of governmental interference.

But you just don't get too much objective reporting on the subject in the media. They view the federalisation, or more accurately, socialisation, of the EU as a foregone conclusion. Or they shamelessly promote it. Moreover, pundits are often proposing it as a model for other groups of neighbouring countries such as SE Asia, the Americas and so on. As a result, people get very little exposure to the truth.

But today is Friday, dammit, and I'm not going to let the NWO ruin my weekend. Looking forward to some good hiking on Sunday.
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