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Default Re: Rock Music and Occultism

BlueAngel wrote:
More often than not, they drape themselves in religious jewelry.

Check out some pictures of Springsteen's neck.

I think GOD cringes upon that sight.
I can not see clearly what he has around his neck.

This article shows the real intend of rock music: putting a spell on people and introduce them to satanism. As a long time rock music fan I know it works. I did not go far in this, but many other people do. They even think making satanic handsigns is cool. The gothic fans go much further. When you see them all dressed in black and with their make-up it becomes pretty clear that they embrace satanism. I did not take this issue very serious untill recently. Especially the speeches of John Todd made me change my mind. Now I stopped listing to rock music completely. The sublimal programming about satanism is probably already part of my subconscious, however. It will take some time to get rid of this.
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