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Default Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

This is another good topic: itís like a follow up to get_realís ďWhen did you get a hint of the agendaĒ thread.

I think New-worlditis has a better ring to it though, so that is what Iím calling it.

The effects of this knowledge have changed me in many ways: some good, some bad. New-worlditis has fostered in me an understanding of worldly events and Devine existence, but it has also given me a condition that I think of as Incompatibility Syndrome. (Iím sure you all know what that means.) Additionally, New-worlditis has taught me not to ďlive for the momentĒ at the expense of tomorrow. I can see that the effects on my demeanor are extremely positive.

When you have a clear understanding of the events on Earth and elsewhere, you then have the ability to overcome any depression, lack of motivation and laziness brought on by accepting only half the story.

I donít feel a need to combat my New-worlditis, I think itís made me into someone who does what he can to be honorable and generous.

On balance, it has had a positive effect on who I am.
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