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Default Re: Rock Music and Occultism

Peter wrote:
We are all member of a satanic cult Blue Angel. Our whole society is a satanic cult. Rock music is only one of the many ways they get us into this. As long as this society excist we will be member of this cult. However we want it or not, we are using and seeing satanic symbols all day. Just look at your internet address www or 666 in Hebrew. Escaping this satanic cult which is our society is extremely difficult and I did not succeed to escape. My mind is relatively free however. How do I try to get rid of my programming? Study and limit their influence on me. I do not watch TV, I do not listen to popmusic, I am not a member of any church, I do not read their books about withcraft such as Harry Potter. However my dependence on money prevents my final escape from the satanic cult called civilization.

I have not gone through the same nightmare as you. My nightmare was different. There is many ways for them to torture us or drive us into submission. I am not sure that what I experienced was "natural". Nothing in this world is "natural", anymore. Its all controlled by the illuminist. I do not feel comfortable to talk about my experiences, but I can assure you it was different from yours. Anyway, we both have been in hell and came out of it while many others died. The reason is our faith. Faith is the only difference between life and dead.
I escaped from a satanic cult as a child and when I was enslaved, I didn't consider myself a member then and I certainly don't consider myself a member now.

Sure, they can infect society with their evil, but you must make the choice to disengage and not allow it to have any power over you.

Your mind is your own.

You can choose not to allow their symbolism to have any direct influence in your life.

Your mind is your own.

You have to be able to see "outside" of their evil world and refuse to allow them to torture or drive you into submission.

You can be aware of their "operations," but you have to be able to see BEAUTY in place of their EVIL.

Trust me, EVIL people control the world, but not everyone is EVIL.
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