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Default Re: Rock Music and Occultism

My youth was good. My parents are great. Never was inprisoned.

Some people are good. The problem is that most people do not resist the illuminist. If you do not resist you allow them to advance their agenda. Thats why we are at the point in "history" were we are now. If you do not resist you are a collaborator. Most people are collaborators and therefore part of the evil.

Your mind is your own?

There are some question marks here. I read a lot about mindcontrol. First I also was convince my mind was my own. Now I am not so sure anymore. According to some people they can put thoughts in your head with certain equipment. Works with electromagnetic waves or something like that. One of my friends suddenly had uncontroled thoughts in his head. It drove him crazy. He complained he had absolutely no control over this. Is this natural or not? No way for me to figure out. Maybe they were experimenting on him, like they do with many other people.

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