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Default Re: Rock Music and Occultism

As far as penetrating one's mind, putting thoughts in one's mind, there is a thread around here somewhere with information on this subject matter.

I'm sure they experiment with this type of technology randomly to see if it's successful so they can target those persons whom they truly want to torture, silence, neutralize, contain, etc.

One of their secret, silent and invisible weapons.

EMF's and directed energy weapons can cause health ailments, as well.

I'm sure they can cause migraine headaches, heart palpitations, and a myriad of other conditions AND/OR KILL YOU INSTANTLY.


I think there was a website started with a group (many) of people who had been experiencing random thoughts, etc., and were certain someone was gaining access to their minds.

I've also written about this somewhere, probably the Monarch thread, wherein they were experimenting with penetrating one's mind with EMF (energy directed).

Not sure how they do it, but I know this was something they were working on during the time of my incarceration.\

Actually, it wasn't a website, it was an article that appeared in a newspaper and it's on this forum somewhere.
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