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Default Re: Rock Music and Occultism

BlueAngel wrote:
If what I speak about Bruce Springsteen and the music industry is not the truth, RAT, as far as you're concerned, why do you insist on trying to convince other people of the same?

Why so CONCERNED as to whether or not people who read this site believe what I write about the PIG??

Why does it matter to you?

You know, you can have your opinion, but I'm just wondering why it's so IMPORTANT for you to attack and attempt to defame my character on this issue to whomever you are addressing in your posts.

The only reason for that would be because you know what I speak is the TRUTH!

Why on earth do you care if someone else believes what I speak about Springsteen?

Some vested interest?

Man crush on him?

Or, a part of his posse'?

Maybe, it's all three!
I guess the RAT's been cornered.

So, what is it?

A man crush?

Part of Springsteen's Posse'?

Vested interest in Springsteen and Company?

A, B, C or all three?
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