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Default Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

Amen to that, Daddy-o!

I seem to remember in a galaxy far away that I started a thread where we all could share good experiences, spiritually uplifting things to do, see, read, not always to talk about all the negative aspects.

Maybe a revival of that thread is in order?;-) Don't limit yourself to films or TV shows, name anything that is genuinely GOOD, INSPIRING, trying to show the BEAUTY in life; the TRUTH; the LOVE, in all its shades and colours.

I think we all need encouragement and an energy boost from time to time, therefore I consider it very important for people like us to have the courage, energy, motivation, inspiration and stubborness to keep telling the Truth.

<a href="" >In Opinions "Listing Films and TV Shows That Inspire You"</a>

My last post there was about the Truffaut film Fahrenheit 451, which I saw a few weeks ago and I warmly recommend everyone here to see it. It's incredible to think he made it in 1966, considering world events today. Despite the gloomy, depressing story I assure you you will feel very good in your heart once you've seen it - it's a beautiful piece of filmmaking...
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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