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Default Re: Hadith Or No Hadith? I think I Had It!

Peace Draken,

Perhaps you have heard about the late messenger of the covenant, Rashad Khalifa (Malachi 3:1-3) who was sent to purify the religion of Submission once and forall from the injections through a tool God supported him with (the miracle of 19). Most of his opponents (the corrupt muslims) attacked his message (that Hadith is satanic fabrications) by saying that his own explanation of Quran (in the authorized translation's footnotes and appendices) is "modern Hadith"!

So let me try to clarify why the idea of "Hadith" is flawed.

1- There are two kinds of messengers, a-messengers who deliver a book of prophecy, they are called prophets (Moses, Jesus, Muhammad..etc), b-messengers who deliver specific information from the latest scripture (e.g: Rashad Khalifa, and me).

2- The message should be specifics (word by word revelation like the scriptures, or, prophecies like 119).

3- Apart from the message (the specifics) anything that the messenger says is a guided opinion that should be followed only if it conforms with the available scripture.

4- No messenger is infallible, messengers are human beings who are inspired from God through Gabriel, they err!

5- However God commands the believers to obey the messenger when he makes a decision after due consultation with them. It's a matter of roles, every ship must have one captain, and God organizes the community to cut the way on Satan's schemes of division.

6- Also when the believers fight on an issue, the messenger settles the matter, because he follows the truth as much as he can and not his own opinions and God appointed him to judge in case of disputes.

Quran frees the believers from dictaorship as it determines for them if the messenger is right or wrong, if they can't tell, they have to put their trust in God and follow the messenger.

Why am i saying all of this? because there has been a mix up between the "specific message" and the general teachings of the messengers.

Eventhough the Hadith books were written 200 years after Muhammad's death, this is not the main problem. The main problem is "Substituting" God's law with another.

Even if there are some Hadiths (Sayings) that are authentic, they still Can't constitute another source of law.

What happened with "Islam" is that endless specific laws have been derived from Hadith, eventhough they are not found in Quran.

And if we want to look deeper into the very idea of "two sources" of law, we would find that it is flagrant idolworship, since in their minds there is God who authored Quran, and then there is Muhammad who authored Hadith, which automatically attributes separate power and independent knowledge to Muhammad and make a god of him against his will.

The question is,

one god or many?
one source of law or many?

God won't confuse us by sending a book that is difficult to understand. God says in Quran that it is complete and fully detailed, if the messengers help you by clarifying some of its wisdom, you can still find enough of it for your salavation, on your own.

My main message is not to explain Quran, i have a specific message of unity that starts with the event of 119, i deliver specific messages (good news for the believers) and warnings to the disbelievers, as for my opinions, if they are right, it's because of my Lord's guidance and if they are wrong, it is because of my own shortcomings.


A little about Bukhari, the Hadith-collector:

Born around 200 years after Muhammad died, he started collecting the sayings (oral traditions) of Muhammad from many different countries, it is said that he heard over 1000 men and collected over 600,000 Hadiths (Sayings) !.

A typical Hadith goes like that:

Abualyamaan said that Shuaib said that Alzuhari said that Salim Ibn Abdullah told him that Abdullah Ibn Omar said that the prophet Muhammad said:

So Bukhari (a persian muslim) had to make sure of the authenticity of pthe Hadith narrators (along 4 generations back to Muhammad!) and later he worte a book that details the biographies and background of the narrators to make sure that the sayings are true!

At the end of his journey Bukhari started sifting the true and false Hadiths, out of the 600,000 he is said to have collected, he kept only 7275 sayings (Hadiths) in his book (Sahih alBukhari) which is according to the muslims the most "authentic" Hadith collection.

That means that he got rid of over 98% of the sayings that he collected in a long journey of 16 years!

Now how can we trust such a book? needles to say that "Hadith" books are full of nonsense, superstition, bias against women, violence specially the Jihad Hadiths which allow the killing of the captives!

I will give you here one example, note that the Talmoud and the Hadith have one author, Satan himself as clear from this example,

Jewish Talmud: Pesahim 111a. It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Special dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads.

Muslim Hadith: Bukhari/Jihad 2646. Abualyamaan said that Shuaib said that Alzuhari said that Salim Ibn Abdullah told him that Abdullah Ibn Omar said that the prophet Muhammad said: Bad omen is in nothing but three: in the horse, woman and the house.


You said that some sufi books are inspiring, all i can say is that the truth can be found anywhere, but it will always be mixed with falsehood. They will give you alot of attractive true ideas and inbetween they will inject a false satanic idea (e.g: the unity of the universe with God).

Quran on the contrary gives you a condensed, pure 100%, proven book. The miracle of 19 proves that letter by letter the Quran is devinely authored, God sent us this modern miracle to reassure our hearts that Quran is the truth.

If one letter is changed, the whole mathematical composition falls.


Excerpt from appendix 19 by Rashad Khalifa:

Appendix 19
of the Authorized English translation of the Quran by Dr. Rashad Khalifa

Hadith & Sunna:
Satanic Innovations

Which Hadith, other than God and His revelations, do they uphold?

The Quran is not a fabricated Hadith; details everything. [12:111]

Some people uphold vain Hadith to divert others from the path of God.

The only Sunna to follow shall be God's Sunna. [17:77, 33:62, 48:23, 6:114]

The Quran informs us that some enemies of the Prophet, described as"human and jinn devils," will fabricate lies and attribute them to the Prophet (6:112, 25:31).This is precisely what happened after the prophet Muhammad's death; Hadith (oral) and Sunna (actions) were invented and attributed to the Prophet. Hadith and Sunna are satanic innovations because they:
[1] defy the divine assertions that the Quran is complete, perfect, fully detailed, and shall be the only source of religious guidance (6:19, 38, 114 & 45:6-7),
[2] blaspheme against the Prophet and depict him as a vicious tyrant who did not
uphold the Quran, and
[3] create false doctrines based on superstition, ignorance, and indefensible nonsensical traditions.
The prophet Muhammad was enjoined, in very strong words, from issuing any religious teachings besides the Quran (69:38-48).

Some Muslims compromise: "If a Hadith agrees with the Quran we will accept it, and if it contradicts the Quran, we will reject it!" Such premise proves that these people do not believe God's assertions that the Quran is"complete, perfect and fully detailed."
The moment they seek guidance from anything besides the Quran, no matter how "right"
it seems, they fall into Satan's trap (see 63:1). For they have rejected God's word and set up another god besides God (18:57). See Appendix 33. The Quran's mathematical miracle provides mathematical evidence that the Quran shall be our only source of religious teachings.
Here are just 2 examples:
1."We did not leave anything out of this book," is in Verse 38 (19x2)
and consists of 19 Arabic letters (6:38).
2. "He sent down this book fully detailed," is in Verse 114 (19x6) and
consists of 19 Arabic letters (6:114).
Rashad Khalifa
God\'s alternative, USN

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